In this latest episode of Navigating Love and Immigration, listeners are invited to join Megan on a captivating exploration of virtual weddings, a subject brought to life by her exceptional guest, Reverend Heron, the visionary founder of Online Weddings Utah. This insightful episode unravels the world of virtual weddings and their legal recognition, particularly within the realm of immigration. Drawing upon her 20+ years of experience, today’s very special guest guides the audience through the intricate history and mechanics of virtual weddings, revealing the remarkable evolution and thoroughly life-changing nature of these ceremonies.

Reverend Heron shares details of her own journey into officiating, which began with a childhood dream and ultimately led her to perform her inaugural wedding ceremony in 1996. Throughout the episode, she highlights the pivotal role played by Utah County in pioneering online marriages, delivering an efficient and cost-effective solution that has made virtual weddings accessible to couples worldwide. Reverend Heron also delves into the transformative power of virtual weddings, particularly for same-sex couples who may encounter legal obstacles in their home countries. As you will hear, these unions have not only challenged discrimination but have also catalyzed changes in global perspectives and laws regarding marriage equality. Join Megan and the amazing Reverend Heron here today to discover precisely how virtual weddings are effectively reshaping the landscape of love and matrimony on a global scale.

Episode Highlights:

  • Virtual weddings and how they offer efficient, legally recognized marriage options
  • Utah County’s innovative approach which makes virtual weddings cost-effective and accessible
  • How virtual weddings challenge discrimination against same-sex couples globally
  • How they transcend geographical boundaries
  • Reverend Heron’s program and how it makes virtual weddings accessible to financially constrained or unique couples
  • Virtual marriages’ legal validity across countries which eliminates the need for remarrying
  • Free consultations with Reverend Heron that provide couples with legitimacy assurance
  • Virtual weddings as a global phenomenon with significant impact


“We are here to break through all those rumors, give people the truth and the facts and the history of virtual marriages.”

“The online weddings are going to go a really long way toward changing those laws and reshaping the way that people get treated.”

“I’ve been really adamant about the fact that I’m not going to be charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars for this process.”

“It’s legally recognized all over the world…and Immigration only cares that you’re legally married in one place, legally in that place, state, or country, and it counts across the board.”

“I’m really happy when I’m able to do that, to help a couple, because I think it’s one of the most important things you can do – get married – right?”

“I’ve been practicing immigration law for a decade, and I remember people having to literally go to travel to another country. And now you can be wherever you are, and a door has opened for you.”

“I really want those young couples who can’t do this in other countries to be able to come to me.”


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