Adjustment of Status

Tips on Travel to US While Petition Pending

By Immigration for Couples / January 21, 2022 /

Are you able to travel to the United States if you have ESTA or a tourist visa while your application is pending? Fiancé visa wait times are very long right now. As of January 2021, it’s over seven months, so it is understandable that some couples want to visit each other between those wait times.…

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Does My Spouse Attend AOS Interview?

By Immigration for Couples / December 30, 2021 /

The other topic that has been really popular lately is whether or not your spouse needs to attend that adjustment of status I-485 interview. Recently, immigration has made a change to the interview letter form that comes when your interview has been scheduled. These changes made a lot of people confused because immigration is being very clear…

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Interview Cancelled

By Immigration for Couples / December 19, 2021 /

Individuals who were scheduled for an interview later receive a notice that says their interview has been canceled. Maybe you got on your USCIS case status check and you saw that it said your interview was canceled or you got a letter in the mail that said your interview was canceled. You likely have been…

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My Spouse and I Don’t Share a Bank Account. Will USCIS Care?

By Megan Pastrana / May 30, 2019 /

Bona Fide Relationship Evidence USCIS officers have a tough job. They must decide whether someone is in a real marriage just by looking at some documents and then talking to the couple for about 20 minutes. Many of them have developed a super sharp intuitive ability to spot fake relationships. At the same time, they…

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relationship evidence

What NOT to Include in Your Relationship Evidence: #3 Alcohol Use

By Megan Pastrana / May 28, 2019 /

What Not to Include in Relationship Evidence Welcome back to our article series on what not to include in your application as evidence of your relationship. As mentioned previously, it is easy to submit things with your best intentions that you think will prove your relationship and accidentally cause yourself a lot more problems. As…

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