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The Next Step for the Rest of Your Life

It wasn't easy finding the love of your life... and now the only thing keeping you from a lifetime of happiness is one archaic immigration bureaucracy.

Are you feeling confused, anxious, or overwhelmed at the thought of completing your fiancé visa or green card process? Don't want to spend the next couple years personally engaged in a high stakes paperwork battle with the government? Just want to have your best chance at getting your green card as quickly and smoothly as possible?

We hear you! And we're here for you!

We've spent many years representing thousands of clients in their green card journeys. And when we say "represent," we don't mean just having you fill out an online questionnaire to autogenerate some forms for you to print. We mean true representation in the legal sense, as in accompanying you in every step of your journey, using our expertise to continuously guide the process and help you avoid obstacles you aren't even aware of, speaking to the government on your behalf, and even sitting beside you in government interviews.

We're honest with our clients that this is not an easy process. But we've made it our life's work to intimately know every quirk of the U.S. marriage-based immigration system and use it to your advantage.

Check out the extensive free resources on our site. And when you're ready for forward motion, click below to schedule a call with one of our attorneys. Let's DO THIS!

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