K1/K2 Fiance Visas

Overview of the K-1 Fiance Visa Process

K-1 Fiance Visas are a popular option for engaged couples because they are typically the fastest way to get a foreign fiancé into the United States so you can marry and start your lives together. K-1 Visas also offer significant advantages if the foreign fiancé has children between the ages of 18-21 years who want to come to the U.S. as well with K-2 visas. If you're considering  a K-1 visa, you should to be familiar with the complex, multi-step process this entails. This video gives you an overview of every step from start to permanent green card!

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Eligibility for a K-1 Fiance Visa

There are a few important requirements you and your partner must meet to be able to successfully apply for a Fiance Visa. We'll break down the main ones in the video below.

Bringing Kids with a K-2 Visa

If your foreign fiancé has children under 21 years of age, you will also need to think about how the immigration process will affect them. Fortunately, there are K-2 visas that can allow them to move to the U.S. with their parent if they want to.

Next Steps

Do you think the K-1 Fiancée Visa is the right one for you and your significant other? Great! Keep in mind that visa processing times are probably longer than you would like, so the sooner you start your process, the better. If you're looking for an immigration law firm to be with you every step of the way, click the button below to schedule a consult. Or read more about CR1 and IR1 spouse visas if you're still considering your options. 

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