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FREE Discovery Call

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call with our Immigration Coordinator to explore options and get a quote for legal services.

  • Learn what it looks like to work with our firm and the cost
  • See if we are a good fit to work together
  • Understand our process and timelines
What the call is not:
*If you are looking for specific legal advice for your case i.e. which path is the best for you, then a paid legal consultation with our attorneys would be the best option for you.

PAID Strategy Session

Skip the Free Discovery Call and schedule a PAID Strategy Session.

  • Appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss your specific legal questions
  • Receive advice on what is the best path for you and your next steps
What the call is not: 
Our firm does not provide a review of self-prepared applications. We do not offer DIY services, as is it very dangerous for individuals to represent themselves in the immigration process. Legally, we cannot provide you with piecemeal legal advice to complete your own case.

If you are looking for general information about the immigration process, we invite you to check out our resource center