Consular Processing & Spouse Visas

Translations – When are They Required?

By Immigration for Couples / February 2, 2022 /

If you have relationship evidence that’s in another language other than English like text messages or letters of support, does it need to be translated? Anything that you are sending to USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, requires that any document not in English are to be accompanied by a translation. If you have…

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NVC Phase – What Documents Are Needed?

By Immigration for Couples / January 25, 2022 /

If you’re at the National Visa Center phase of your case, there’s a whole new list of documents that you’ll need to collect. What documents do you need and is there a standard list? It depends on the country where your interview will occur and on the specifics of your case. Here at Immigration for…

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Waiver of In-Person Consular Interview

By Immigration for Couples / January 15, 2022 /

There was an announcement by the Department of Homeland Security in December of 2021. They, along with the Secretary of State, decided that because they need to get cases moving through, they are going to waive certain types of interviews in limited circumstances. Read: Important Announcement on Waivers of the Interview Requirement for Certain Nonimmigrant…

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Transfer Case to Another Embassy

By Immigration for Couples / December 26, 2021 /

“Can I transfer my case to another embassy or consulate? Would it make it faster?” It’s great that people are looking for a way to find a shortcut or to make things move more smoothly. Transferring a spouse or fiancé visa case to another embassy or consulate is something that we actually do pretty frequently…

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IR1 versus CR1 Spouse Visa

By Immigration for Couples / December 17, 2021 /

What is the difference between a CR1 and an IR1? Many individuals are led to believe that these are two separate paths and that they need to pick. For many couples who are starting out in their immigration journey, you might have a few different options available to you and it becomes overwhelming. Don’t worry,…

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NVC Says I’m “DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED” How Long Until I Get an Interview?

By Immigration for Couples / December 15, 2021 /

The National Visa Center says I’m documentarily qualified. How long until I get an interview? Once you’re documentarily qualified with the National Visa Center, that means that there’s nothing else they want from you in order to pass your file onto the embassy. What you don’t know is how many people are waiting in line…

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When to Schedule Immigration Medical Exam

By Immigration for Couples / December 13, 2021 /

When to schedule your medical exam? It depends on the type of case that you have. Adjustment of Status Adjustment of status is the process that happens inside of the United States. You file a petition that shows your relationship is real plus an application for your green card altogether. The interview happens here in…

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USCIS Courtesy Letter Received – How Long Until Interview?

By Immigration for Couples / December 6, 2021 /

How long does it take for an interview after being told we need evidence or a form needing a physical from the doctor? If you file an adjustment of status without the medical exam included, they send you a courtesy letter. It’ll say that you need to bring your medical exam to the interview. There…

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Interview Scheduled But No Work Permit – Should I Worry?

By Immigration for Couples / December 3, 2021 /

When someone’s applying for an adjustment of status, either straight from another type of visa or they’ve already come into the United States on a K1 fiancé visa and gotten married, part of that process involves applying for temporary work authorization at the same time. Lawyers will present the typical process as you apply for…

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High Priority? CR1 Spousal Petitions

By Immigration for Couples / November 29, 2021 /

K1 fiancé visas have been designated as high priority. What about CR1 spouse visas, are they high priority too? Are they being ignored? What’s going on with my CR1 visa application? The CR1 is the spouse visa for individuals who are married to United States citizens or lawful permanent residents. The K1 fiancé visa is…

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