Affidavit of Support – What If I Don’t Make Enough?

By Admin / September 30, 2022 /

A common RFE is the Affidavit of Support and not satisfying all of those requirements. Let’s say USCIS has received the documents. For one reason or another, they are stating that the petitioner does not make enough money. You have basically two options. You could submit for a joint or co-sponsor or you could just…

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NVC Timeline

By Admin / September 20, 2022 /

Let’s talk about NVC or the National Visa Center wait times. Let’s back up for a bit on how we get to the NVC. As far as immigration for couples purposes, we start with a petition to USCIS. Many times, that is an I-130 spouse visa or an I-129 fiancé visa. Once that petition is…

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Important – DACA Update

By Admin / September 18, 2022 /

Recently, the law for DACA was codified. Read: ALERT: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Final Rule (Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) To codify something means that we are making a formal organizational process within the code for that rule or regulation. It’s helpful in a lot of ways, especially to make sure that…

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Why Your Friend’s Immigration Case Took Less Time

By Admin / September 17, 2022 /

Are you wondering why your friend’s immigration case seems to be going faster? Why they received their work permit before you or why they got a nicer immigration officer to do their interview? A common thing that happens with a lot of couples is that they’re looking for a benchmark. It makes sense because they…

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Free Guide – How to Prove Your Relationship to Immigration

By Admin / September 16, 2022 /

Welcome to your complimentary guide on how to prove your relationship to immigration. We have a free downloadable PDF guide that goes over all of this information in even more detail. See: Bona Fide Relationship Evidence In any immigration case for couples, one of the requirements is that you prove to immigration that you have…

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Spouse Visa Denial – Top 3 Reasons

By Admin / September 15, 2022 /

What are some of the reasons that my spouse visa application would be denied? Recently, there is this rumor that is out there on the internet where a lot of couples say that it’s better to apply for a spouse visa if you’re married to a United States citizen because your case can’t be denied. …

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Frustration or Forward Motion – Immigration News Today 2022 USA

By Admin / June 30, 2022 /

The immigration process can be long and stressful. There are many couples, at the start of their journey, who might think that their case is very easy or very straightforward. Easy and straightforward are not words that are typically used to describe the immigration process.  The immigration process can seem deceptively simple. However, we are…

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USCIS Requesting Documents Already Submitted

By Admin / June 28, 2022 /

Did you receive a request for evidence from immigration requesting the same documents that you’ve already submitted and you’re wondering what to do? The Document Might Have Gotten Lost The first thing that can happen is that you may have really submitted that item. We see that all the time when we submit a birth…

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Can I Choose the USCIS Service Center?

By Admin / June 26, 2022 /

Are you able to choose the USCIS Service Center where your case will be processed? The short answer is no. The USCIS Service Centers are determined by immigration based on the case type, the immigration category, and where the individual lives. Couples are probably hoping to choose a certain service center because it has a…

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Expedite Request Granted – Now What?

By Admin / April 28, 2022 /

Especially now with the long wait times, there are a lot of individuals who are wanting to know what the process is for an expedite request. We have had clients and other individuals in the Facebook group who have been approved for expedite requests and then they ask, “What happens next? How soon can I…

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