Welcome back to another entertaining and informative episode of Navigating Love and Immigration, where, this week, Megan welcomes special guest Heather Anderson to share her experiences navigating both immigration and home buying with her husband, Harrison. Heather’s firsthand insights shed light on the challenges and triumphs of these journeys, highlighting the importance of preparation, documentation, and community support. Throughout the conversation, parallels between immigration and home buying processes are explored, offering valuable guidance to listeners embarking on similar paths.

Heather offers valuable insights into the home buying process, including tips on avoiding common pitfalls and scams in the housing market. Her expertise as a licensed real estate agent shines through as she provides guidance on overcoming obstacles and making informed decisions. Emphasizing the accessibility of home ownership regardless of immigration status, Heather and Harrison’s story serves as a poignant example of resilience and determination, inspiring listeners to persevere in the face of immigration challenges. In essence, today’s fascinating episode offers invaluable advice and reassurance to those navigating the intersection of love, immigration, and home ownership – you do not want to miss this one!

Episode Highlights:

  • Love across cultures and how it demands perseverance and empathy amidst immigration hurdles
  • Heather and Harrison’s immigration saga
  • The preparation, documentation, and community backing that are crucial for both immigration and home buying
  • Why prospective home seekers should prioritize finding a suitable real estate agent
  • Understanding mortgage options and conducting home inspections as vital steps in the home buying process
  • Debunking prevalent myths regarding home ownership for couples navigating immigration
  • The need for tenacity and support in achieving dreams despite obstacles


“We went into it very naive… we both were very naive that it was going to be an extremely easy process.”

“It’s part of the American dream… When you come here, you want to own a home.”

“Even if you’re buying a brand-new-built house… you want to make sure that you get an inspection.”

“You don’t have to be a citizen… you could be undocumented… there are programs to help you get a mortgage.”

“It’s almost a forced savings account… the payments you’re making every month are going into your own personal savings account, your home, and that equity.”

“So it’s going to end up being an easier process than you think.”

“But the home buying piece is not something you necessarily have to put off. So I know a lot of couples are thinking, ‘Oh, we have to wait for getting this work permit or getting this green card before we can make that next step.’ But that’s not a piece of your life that has to be put on hold then.”


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