In today’s episode, Megan is joined by Marla Mattenson, an internationally recognized speaker and expert working with thought leaders in sales, business, and love. Marla guides businesses, couples, and individuals to uncover hidden patterns in relationships and business to unlock passion, financial success, and unlimited joy. She is the creator of the Ethical Sales Process and co-founder of the Intimacy Experts.

Together, Marla and Megan discuss the power of holding duality throughout every transaction in life and how impactful it can be to look at a situation and see not just the negative, but also the positive. They explain how every situation, even relationships, can be viewed as a transaction and that all ‘holding duality’ really means is that you’re holding two opposite things at the same time. Listen in today to understand how to bridge the gap between two different view points and find the common ground that will help you succeed.

Marla also discusses her Ethical Sales Seminar on Saturday, August 26th which is available at this link: The Ethical Sales Seminar

Episode Highlights:

  • Bridge the gap between two viewpoints in your relationship
  • Everyone is already holding duality whether they realize it or not
  • Putting the relationship first during the immigration process
  • Bracing for vs embracing the process
  • Why the language you use is powerful
  • The narrative bubble
  • Allow yourself to have the negativity
  • Ethical sales and the clear yes and clear no
  • Two hour live ethical sales training opportunity


“When we consider both ways of thinking at the same time, now you get into, well, what is right and what is wrong?”

“Speak from an empowered place, rather than from a victim place, and that will change the frequency of your expression.”

“When couples start blaming each other, that is when things start spiraling down.”

“Allow yourself to have the negativity because, guess what, if you try and push it down or shove it away, it’s going to whack a mole its way back up and pop out somewhere else.”


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