In Episode 14 of “Navigating Love and Immigration,” we had the pleasure of hosting Michele Capecchi, an immigration attorney based in Italy. Michele is the owner and CEO of Capecchi Legal, a law firm in Florence, Italy, and brings a unique expertise in the world of global mobility. His work primarily focuses on helping individuals and companies navigate the complexities of moving to Italy, whether it’s for business, family reunification, or simply the desire to embrace Italian culture. One of the most fascinating aspects of Michele’s work is assisting individuals in discovering their Italian citizenship based on their heritage and ancestry, which can lead to obtaining an Italian passport.

The discussion delved into the intricacies of Italian citizenship laws, particularly the concept of “citizenship by blood.” Michele explained that Italy offers an exceptionally generous opportunity for individuals to claim Italian citizenship based on their lineage, going back as far as 150 years. He highlighted the importance of collecting vital records like birth and marriage certificates to prove an uninterrupted line of Italian blood. While the process may seem complex, Michele emphasized the role of legal experts in helping clients gather the necessary documentation and navigate the application process.

He also shed light on a special case known as the “1948 case,” where individuals born before 1948 through an Italian mother had different rules applied to their citizenship. These cases require a court proceeding to recognize Italian citizenship, allowing entire families to apply simultaneously. Michele clarified that while there are challenges in securing appointments at Italian consulates due to high demand, it’s essential to remain persistent. Additionally, he cautioned against paying private companies claiming to expedite consulate appointments, as it is both illegal and unreliable.

The benefits of obtaining Italian citizenship extend beyond Italy’s borders, as it grants access to the entire European Union. Michele encouraged anyone with Italian heritage to explore this opportunity, emphasizing that the process may open doors to living, working, studying, and investing throughout the EU. For those interested in learning more or seeking assistance with their Italian citizenship journey, you can find information about how to contact Michele in the links below.

Episode Highlights:

  • Italian “citizenship by blood”
  • The importance of vital records
  • Italian citizenship by marriage vs American citizenship by marriage
  • The 1948 Case
  • Don’t hire private companies to expedite consulate appointments
  • How Italian Citizenship opens up access to the EU


“Since 1992 it’s possible for those who want to become Italian to do it without renouncing their foreign citizenship.”

“100 years later it is possible to claim your Italian citizenship if we’re able to show that the line of blood was not interrupted.”

“After 3 years of continuous marriage you can claim your Italian citizenship.”

“Other European states like France, Germany or Spain who are still allowing people to recover their respective citizenship are not so generous.”

“A European passport allows you to live, study, run a business, do whatever you want in any of the 27 states of the European Union.”


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