Important Update – Automatic Green Card Extensions

By Admin / December 23, 2022 /

What exactly is this announcement from USCIS about automatic extensions of green cards? See: USCIS Updates Policy to Automatically Extend Green Cards for Naturalization Applicants While the automatic extension will occur in the context of individuals who are going from lawful permanent resident status, also known as having a green card, to becoming a US…

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Top 3 Tips – Preparing for Your USCIS Interview

By Admin / December 22, 2022 /

1. Review your application, forms, and evidence. Make sure that you review your application, all of the forms that you filled out, and the evidence that was submitted. Oftentimes, immigration has a very long wait time before you receive your interview. It’s really important to go through that application and see if there are any…

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Pet Passports and Traveling With Pets to the US

By Admin / December 20, 2022 /

There is a special podcast episode with Dr. Gary Richter. He’s a doctor of veterinary medicine and the author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide and The Ultimate Pet Nutrition. He is always looking for ways to help individuals to give their furry family members their best life. Why would we have a veterinarian on…

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Affidavit of Support, When Income May Be an Issue

By Admin / December 15, 2022 /

Are you concerned that you do not make enough to petition for your spouse who lives in another country? Are you worried about supporting them when they come to the US and how the government will view that? One of the things that we hear quite frequently from our clients is that they are either…

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TPS Explained

By Admin / December 13, 2022 /

Have you wondered what the designation TPS stands for? TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status. This is a status that is granted by USCIS to a few designated countries that allow people to not be removable while they’re in the US. It is a temporary status and we use this status at our firm as…

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Can I Expedite My Case?

By Admin / December 11, 2022 /

When we talk about expediting your case, this happens after a filing has been completed or submitted with USCIS and several different steps along the way. It is a multi-faceted response, as with everything in immigration. An expedite is possible in most cases that would be relevant for us within couples-based immigration. The cases where…

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Recent Court Decision: Will This Help My Case?

By Admin / December 5, 2022 /

The Muñoz versus US Department of State was a court of appeals review of a ninth circuit ruling and we’re going to discuss two avenues. One, why it’s important, and two, if that helps your case. This was an I-130 filing so it was a marriage-based relationship. There was a US citizen spouse and children…

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Processing Times 2022 for a Travel Document and Work Permit

By Admin / November 21, 2022 /

When people are coming to the US after receiving their fiancé visa or they’ve applied for that work authorization concurrently with their adjustment of status, they are kind of in this limbo of waiting for their ability to travel home and the ability to work. This is probably the most frequent hardship that we hear…

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Consular Post Interview – The Officer’s Perspective

By Admin / November 20, 2022 /

Have you ever wondered what your interview at a consular post is going to look like? In consular interviews, officers are tasked with three major things. The first one is to verify your identity and review all of your documents. Make sure that you’ve brought everything that you are supposed to have brought and that…

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What Does It Mean for Immigrants to “Wait in Line”?

By Admin / November 12, 2022 /

Let’s talk a little bit about this waiting-in-line process that we hear so much about. It’s a very arbitrary line and most people don’t exactly know what that means. For our clients, that line essentially is the starting point of the submission of an application with USCIS which is a department of citizenship and immigration…

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