What Evidence You MUST Include – K1 Visa

What are the top three pieces or types of evidence that you should include with your fiancé visa application to give you the best chance of winning your case?

When they’re starting out on their immigration journey, a lot of couples want to know what are the documents that they need to provide. While the answer is that when you’re proving your relationship to immigration every relationship is unique, the evidence you will need to provide is a little different in every case. There are three main types of evidence that every application should include.

The first type of evidence is bona fide relationship evidence. This is evidence that proves to immigration that you have a relationship based on love and not just receive an immigration benefit. This category kind of bleeds into the other two categories. They’re kind of intersected but these types of evidence include photos, text messages, plane tickets, or anything that shows that both of you spend time together and have been fostering and nurturing your relationship.

The next type of evidence that every application should include is evidence that you’ve met in person and the two years prior to filing your application. At Immigration for Couples, we commonly see individuals who have tried to do their own application come to us realizing that they missed this really important piece of evidence and they’ve received a request for evidence from immigration.

Immigration is very strict and sometimes couples will ask, “Is there any leeway at the front or the back end of that those two years?” You really have to make sure it’s in that two years prior to filing the application. Plane tickets, passport stamps, hotel reservations, and photos with date stamps can be evidence for this.

The last category of evidence is proof that you’re both legally able and free to marry. That means if you had prior marriages, those marriages have ended in death or divorce. that evidence would have to be included as well.

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