Top AOS Immigration Interview Questions 2023

What are the questions that happen at the interview as it relates to your relationship?

There are five common questions that we see in USCIS interviews across the country for the adjustment of status process, the process that happens here in the United States where a United States citizen is petitioning his or her spouse.

Typically, immigration will want to start with how your relationship started. They’ll want to move on to present-day things that are happening in your relationship currently and move on to the future. What are your goals and plans for the future?

Understand that they’ll be asking you a lot of questions at your interview and they might ask you all of these questions, they might ask you completely different questions, or they might not ask any of these.

The first question is how did you meet, when was that, how did you meet, and when was it that you met. A follow-up question to that would also be where you met, the way you met. It might have been online and so, they want to know when that was that you first started meeting or when you first started talking online, or the when and the where of your relationship, the start of your relationship then they would move on to questions about the marriage.

Typically, you’ll need to know the date when you got married but the question that they like to ask is where was the wedding and who was at your wedding. If you had a smaller celebration, you’ll list those people or maybe you had a bigger party and you had a lot of family and friends. You should know the date you were married and who was in attendance.

The fifth question that we see asked a lot is how much is your monthly rent or your monthly mortgage payment. They might ask a lot of other questions about your finances.

We highly recommend that you both sit down and go over your relationship history and go over your finances and make sure you’re both on the same page.

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