What Does It Mean for Immigrants to “Wait in Line”?

Let’s talk a little bit about this waiting-in-line process that we hear so much about. It’s a very arbitrary line and most people don’t exactly know what that means. For our clients, that line essentially is the starting point of the submission of an application with USCIS which is a department of citizenship and immigration services that literally processes the applications that we send to them.

Right now, those processing times are super lengthy and that is just the starting point. You’ve got the USCIS petition, usually for a spouse or for a fiancé who is wanting to enter the US. Once that petition after more than a year is approved, then we move to the National Visa Center. That is where that visa is processed and the visa is that ticket to get into the US.

At the visa center, we are seeing four to six months at that stage. There’s another long wait time for our clients. Once we satisfy what is needed by that National Visa Center then we move to the particular consular post. Here is where a lot of the wait times can be anywhere from a month to two years. Quite literally, it spans that long of a period of time.

The wait times can be either very lengthy or very short, depending on where you live. There are a lot of different variables and a lot of different nuances. But once you satisfy what the consular post is wanting, you’ll be scheduled for an interview and that would give you your visa or the golden ticket to get into the US.

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