Great News! Update on Consular Interviews

Going through an immigration process is oftentimes stressful and frustrating. And so, it’s important to make sure you have some good news every once in a while. This great news relates to consular interviews and the wait times for those interviews.

Consular interviews are part of the process for spouse visas and fiancé visas. It’s an interview that happens at a US embassy or consulate abroad. During COVID and even prior to COVID, there were issues in the immigration system that were causing long wait times.

When COVID happened in 2020, all of those US embassies and consulates, like many places in the world, had to shut down. That just aggravated the already long waits and backlogs. But the good news is that the Department of State has taken really important steps in reducing that backlog.

They’ve actually caught up significantly. They’ve doubled their team of immigration officers at US embassies and consulates abroad and they’ve actually gotten to a place that’s almost pre-pandemic levels of processing interviews. This is amazing news.

For anyone who’s going through an immigration process, you know it’s taking a very long time to be able to get that interview to receive your visa and able to relocate to the United States. While this is excellent news, please understand we are still dealing with the government. It can go at a snail’s pace but this is absolutely amazing for anyone who’s going through the process.

We are seeing interviews here at our office. We are seeing interviews being scheduled every day for our couples around the world. Hopefully, this gives you some hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there.

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