Consular Post Interview – The Officer’s Perspective

Have you ever wondered what your interview at a consular post is going to look like?

In consular interviews, officers are tasked with three major things.

The first one is to verify your identity and review all of your documents. Make sure that you’ve brought everything that you are supposed to have brought and that you’ve got all of your identity documents. These are birth certificates and passports which have to be in the correct form. We make sure that you have the original documents to give to them and they’ll walk through all of those for you.

The second important task that our officers are in charge of is making sure that your application is correct. We have submitted, with the wait times, your application for either a spousal visa or a fiancé visa years in advance. They are basically updating all of that information and making sure that it is current as much as it can be at the time that you are sitting down with their interviewer.

The last thing that they need to do is to go through the bona fides of your relationship. They are ensuring that your relationship is for love and not for an immigration benefit. They will go through a series of questions. Where you two met, how did you meet, the circumstances of your first in-person meeting, how that went. They might even ask you the particulars of that meeting.

They sometimes can get very specific while other officers may not ask much at all. A lot of that has to do with how well your application is put together.

At our firm, we go through a wide range of interview preparation processes with you from making sure that all the documents are correct with the consular post, making sure that you have everything and it’s all notarized correctly, and making sure that your application is void of any red flags and if so, that we’ve counseled you on how to deal with those when you’re in front of the officer because we know you’re going to be more nervous.

We want to make sure that you’re prepared for all of that and that is something that our firm does. We exclusively help couples take that stress and anxiety and turn it into something that is hopeful for your arrival in the US so you can be together.

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