Update I130 – Lawful Permanent Resident to US Citizen

If you were a lawful permanent resident when you first filed your I-130 petition but became a United States citizen through naturalization later in the process, you can and should update your petition to change your status.

If you are a lawful permanent resident and you petition for your spouse, that application will have a much longer wait time than if you’re a United States citizen petitioning for your spouse. Individuals who are lawful permanent residents petitioning for their spouse are considered non-immediate relative cases.

If you’re a United States citizen petitioning for your spouse, that’s considered an immediate relative and if you’re an immediate relative, you don’t have to wait in that longer line of non-immediate relatives.

How to Update Your I-130 Application

To amend your I-130 application, you can do that simply by writing a letter and including proof, which is your nationalization certificate and US passport, to let immigration know you’re now a United States citizen and you would like to have your
petition updated to show that you’re now a United States citizen petitioning my spouse instead of a lawful permanent resident.

Again, the benefit is that it is a shorter wait. It is still a long wait but it’s a shorter wait than if you’re a lawful permanent resident petitioning for your spouse.