Translations – When are They Required?

If you have relationship evidence that’s in another language other than English like text messages or letters of support, does it need to be translated?

Anything that you are sending to USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, requires that any document not in English are to be accompanied by a translation. If you have friends or family who write letters of support that are not in English and you have text messages that are not in English have to be translated and it has to be accompanied by a translator certificate.

Text messages are great but if you have other evidence such as letters of support or a joint financial account, then you might not need to use your text messages and have them translated. It’ll be a matter of determining how much evidence is needed to prove your relationship.

Translation for Other Phases of the Visa Process

There are other phases in the case such as a consular interview abroad if you have a process for a spouse visa or a fiancé visa. It’s important to note that each of those embassies would accept a language other than English.

For example, if you have an interview in Ciudad Juarez or Mexico City, the languages that are accepted there are in English or Spanish. You wouldn’t have to have a translation but it would be a matter of making sure you’re checking with that US embassy or consulate as to the languages that they accept and what the translation requirements are.

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