Immigration Options for Ukrainians

Here at Immigration for Couples, we are heartbroken and horrified by the recent invasion of Ukraine.

There are a few options for couples who are going through the process and one of them happens to be a citizen of Ukraine.

For those who are outside of the United States, if you have already started a process for a spouse or a fiancé visa, the previous embassy where your case would have been processed the US embassy was in Kyiv. Because of the invasion, that embassy is no longer functioning and is no longer handling interviews.

It has been announced that those interviews and your case will still be able to move forward. Those interviews will just take place in Frankfurt, Germany. There are also other options available to you if you happen to be a citizen of another country or have lawful status in another country. Your case could also be moved there.

The point is that if you’re outside of the United States and you’re going through a process, there are still options available for you to be able to move your case forward. In certain circumstances, if the US citizen spouse petitioner or the US citizen fiancé is also living abroad, there are additional options for you to be able to file your case directly with the embassy.

If you’re a citizen of Ukraine and you happen to currently be in the United States, there was a recent announcement that Ukraine has been designated for temporary protected status. If you were in the United States before March 1st of 2022, you would be able to receive temporary protected status to live here for up to 18 months and then, they would reassess if more time is needed.

If you are here in the United States and you have an immigration process started, there might be additional options for you to complete your case within the United States. If you are in either of those situations needing assistance or guidance, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our attorneys.

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