K1 Visa Wait Times – Should I Just Get Married?

Processing times are a year or more right now just to receive a decision on that first step. It’s disheartening but we want to caution all of you about taking extreme measures out of desperation. There have been a lot of individuals who have gotten married, thinking that it would be faster.

You’re already in line for your fiancé visa. That fiance visa requires that you aren’t married. If you decide to get married, you will start the process for the spouse visa because you’ll no longer be eligible for the fiancé visa.

Do not just jump into getting married if you already have a fiancé visa pending. Please get legal advice first. Understand that yes, the wait times are long but be careful of taking quick action out of desperation.

Do Not Compare Fiancé Visas to Spouse Visas

It’s so stressful to not be able to control certain aspects of the immigration process like wait times but it’s not healthy to look at your case and think that you should have filed a spouse visa because it would be faster and you made a mistake.

That’s like comparing apples to oranges and immigration wait times are so different by case type and by person. There are so many variables that it’s oftentimes hard to say that one option is better or faster.

Quit shooting all over yourself. Be grateful that you have an application filed. Wait times aren’t fun but don’t beat yourself up for picking a path. Just celebrate the fact that you did pick a path, you have an application filed, and you’re one day closer to a decision.

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