Can K2 Enter US After K1?

Can a K2 enter the United States after the K1?

The K1 visa is the fiancé visa and part of the fiancé visa process is that you can bring your children as well as long as they are under 21 years of age. These children would receive a visa called a K2 visa.

Do they have to travel to the United States at the same time with the principal applicant, the fiancé who will be getting married upon entry to the United States?

No, K2 visa applicants don’t have to enter the United States at exactly the same time. Usually, the fiancé would be entering with the K2 applicant, but there might be a circumstance that the child can’t enter at the same time. It’s allowed for them to enter at a later time.

You will want to make sure though that you have the child enter before they turn 21. Another thing that I want to make sure is clear is that you’ll want the K2 applicant to enter the United States before their visa expires.

The nice thing about the fiancé visa is that they allow K2 applicants up to the age of 21 to be on the application. But the important thing is that the visa has to be issued before the individual turns 21.

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