Understanding If Interviews Are Waived for Visa Applicants

Are you and your partner navigating the U.S. immigration system and wondering about interviews being waived for visa applications? It’s important to understand exactly what interviews are being referred to. The interview that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is sometimes waiving is for the adjustment of status process, not for the initial K1 or spouse visa application.



Adjustment of Status Interviews

Adjustment of status is a procedure that happens within the United States for couples already residing together. It’s a step towards obtaining a green card. In some cases, USCIS is waiving the interview requirement for this process, allowing couples to avoid attending the interview together, where they would typically be asked questions about their relationship and the immigrant’s background.

How Can We Assist You?

While the adjustment of status interviews may be waived in some cases within the U.S., the initial interviews for K1 and spouse visas conducted abroad are still a vital part of the process. Understanding this distinction is key to preparing effectively for your journey towards living together in the United States. Have you and your partner started preparing for your visa interview, and how can Immigration for Couples help streamline your process? We specialize in helping couples understand and smoothly navigate the U.S. immigration process. From providing detailed information to assisting in preparing strong applications, our resources and expertise can increase your chances of a successful outcome.