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K1 Visa versus K3 Visa – Which is Better?

By Immigration for Couples / December 1, 2021 /

K1 versus K3, which is better? One of the things people have been doing with their immigration cases is trying to unearth secret strategies that maybe will help them skip this whole process. Unfortunately, a lot of these alternate theories that people are unearthing are things that simply don’t work right now. The K1 visa…

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High Priority? CR1 Spousal Petitions

By Immigration for Couples / November 29, 2021 /

K1 fiancé visas have been designated as high priority. What about CR1 spouse visas, are they high priority too? Are they being ignored? What’s going on with my CR1 visa application? The CR1 is the spouse visa for individuals who are married to United States citizens or lawful permanent residents. The K1 fiancé visa is…

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Failure to Marry in 90 Days – K1 Visa

By Immigration for Couples / November 27, 2021 /

One of the requirements of the K1 fiancé visa is that you marry your fiancé upon entry to the United States with your K1 visa within 90 days. But what happens if you don’t get married in 90 days? Immigration is very strict. It has to be 90 days, not 91 or 92. There’s no flexibility. It’s…

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Special Option – Direct Consular Filing

By Immigration for Couples / November 25, 2021 /

Are you wondering what is the fastest way to receive your green card? There is a special option available to couples who are going through the immigration process that is the fastest way to receive a green card. It’s called direct consular filing. Direct consular filing is an option where you can skip two offices of…

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Case Status – Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview

By Immigration for Couples / November 23, 2021 /

If you’ve recently checked your USCIS case status online and it shows “my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview”, your next question is likely “When will I receive my interview?”. For those of you who are filing an adjustment of status case, that is a case that is completed inside of the…

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CEAC – Ready Status

By Immigration for Couples / November 21, 2021 /

We’re starting to see things slowly but surely moving in the world of immigration because more and more interviews are being scheduled. There are also more approvals of K1 visas and more couples finally be able to be together in the United States. One of the questions that we are receiving is about the ready…

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K1 Visa – Joint Financial Evidence

By Immigration for Couples / November 18, 2021 /

If my fiancé comes to visit soon and I have her added to my current apartment lease and utilities bill before her visit ends after three weeks. If I do that, will that draw unwanted scrutiny or would that work as two solid pieces of proof? We have a free resource in our resource center…

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Lawsuit Filed – Work Permit Delays

By Immigration for Couples / November 16, 2021 /

There was a lawsuit that was filed by the American Immigration Lawyers Association against USCIS because of the long work permit delays. If you’re eligible and you file your application for adjustment of status in the United States, part of that application is a work permit. The idea of the work permit is that USCIS…

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Can I Get Married on a Tourist Visa to a US Citizen? (ON ESTA at 2020?)

By Immigration for Couples / November 14, 2021 /

If someone who’s not a US citizen comes to the US, either on a tourist visa or on a visa waiver program, or commonly referred to as ESTA, can they get married and apply for a green card in the US? With this question, there’s a lot of online forums that have said that they…

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How Do I Confirm USCIS Received My RFE Response?

By Immigration for Couples / November 12, 2021 /

If you do not respond to a request that USCIS sends you, they’re going to deny your case automatically. It’s important to figure out whether it was actually received. When you respond to the government, you always want to keep a copy of what you send in case it gets lost. But they actually want…

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