Filing for a Fiancé Visa After Divorce

Understanding when you can file a fiancé visa after finalizing a divorce is crucial for those looking to start a new chapter in their lives in the United States. This guide provides essential insights into the immigration considerations following a divorce. There is no specific waiting period mandated by U.S. immigration law after a divorce to file a fiancé visa petition. You are legally free to start the process as soon as your divorce is finalized. However, the timing of your new relationship can attract scrutiny from immigration authorities.


Navigating Immigration Concerns

Immigration officers may view a recent divorce as a potential red flag. They assess whether the new relationship seems genuine or if it appears to be arranged merely to secure immigration benefits. The focus is on the authenticity and depth of the relationship rather than the timing alone.

To alleviate concerns about the legitimacy of your relationship following a recent divorce, it’s important to provide robust evidence. This can include detailed accounts of how and when you met your fiancé, the progression of your relationship, and shared experiences or commitments that demonstrate genuine intimacy and plans for a future together.

Building a Strong Case

While there’s no need to wait after a divorce before filing a fiancé visa petition, ensuring that your application clearly communicates the sincerity of your relationship is key to success. Detailed preparation and comprehensive evidence are your strongest allies in proving your case to immigration authorities. If you’re unsure about how to proceed with your fiancé visa application post-divorce, we can help. Contact us for personalized advice and support throughout your application process.

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