Step 1 of the Fiancé Visa Application: Form I-129F

Embarking on the journey to unite with your partner through a fiancé visa involves meticulous preparation and a deep understanding of immigration laws. The first step in this process is completing and submitting Form I-129F, a petition that serves as the foundation for proving your legitimate, love-based relationship to U.S. immigration authorities.

Form I-129F is designed to establish the authenticity of your relationship with your fiancé. Applicants must provide comprehensive evidence that demonstrates their commitment and genuine connection, which can range from photographs and correspondence to more substantial proofs such as joint financial statements or property ownership.


Types of Evidence to Include

The petition also requires proof that both parties are free to marry. This involves submitting documents like divorce decrees or death certificates of former spouses to affirm that previous marriages have been legally concluded. Another important aspect of Form I-129F is demonstrating that you have met in person within the last two years. Evidence can include stamped passports, boarding passes, and dated photographs that document your meetings. Effective documentation is key to a successful petition. Include varied evidence like:

  • Photos of time spent together
  • Correspondence between partners
  • Travel documents that prove visits
  • Social media interactions
  • Financial entanglements such as joint bank accounts or insurance

What’s Next?

Successfully navigating the first step of the fiancé visa application paves the way for a smoother immigration process. If you have questions or need guidance on assembling a compelling petition, reach out to us for expert advice and support. Visit our resource center for more tools and information that can assist you through your immigration journey.

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