USCIS Courtesy Letter Received – How Long Until Interview?

How long does it take for an interview after being told we need evidence or a form needing a physical from the doctor?

If you file an adjustment of status without the medical exam included, they send you a courtesy letter. It’ll say that you need to bring your medical exam to the interview. There is no set time frame on that and it varies a lot by office.

In general, it’s a good sign that someone looked at your application and saw that you need a medical exam. Get your medical exam and have that ready in a sealed envelope. Don’t open it. Unfortunately, it’s not a clear indicator of how far you are in the process.

On a rare occasion, they’ll ask you to mail the medical exam in. If they ask that, it’s actually a good sign that your interview could potentially be waived. But that’s pretty rare and there are no recent cases of that.

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