What is your focus during your immigration journey?

In the midst of the immigration journey, one key question looms large: Where is your focus? If you’ve never pondered this question before, here’s a beautiful quote to guide you on this path: “What you focus on grows.” Let’s take a moment to really let that sink in – what you focus on, whether positive or negative, has a way of expanding in your life. This truth is especially relevant when it comes to couples navigating the intricate immigration process.

In my own immigration experience, I’ve come to understand the immense power of our focus. It can either lead us down the rabbit hole of despair, frustration, and impatience, or it can elevate our relationship, love, and shared future to new heights – even if physical distance keeps us apart. So, let me pose this question to you: Where is your focus in your immigration journey?

From my perspective, couples often fall into one of two camps when it comes to their focus in the immigration process. The first group fixates on how challenging the process is and how excruciatingly long the wait times can be. They find themselves trapped in the web of endless government requests and bureaucratic hurdles. Don’t get me wrong, these challenges are real and can be incredibly frustrating. However, dwelling on them can feed the negative energy and make it seem even more overwhelming.

The second group, on the other hand, chooses to center their focus on their relationship, their love, and their shared future. They celebrate the present moments they have together, even if those moments are virtual. They recognize that, yes, the journey is tough, but their love is stronger. They stay committed to each other and actively plan for the beautiful life they will build together, even if they’re currently separated by borders.

Now, take a moment to reflect: Which group do you find yourself in? Are you more inclined to fixate on the hardships and frustrations of the immigration process, or are you nurturing your relationship, focusing on love, and cherishing the present and future you’re building together?

It’s essential to understand that there’s no judgment here. The immigration journey is riddled with complexities and uncertainties, and it’s natural to oscillate between these two focuses. However, becoming aware of where your focus lies can be a game changer. It’s a shift that can drastically alter how you experience this journey and how it impacts your relationship.

For those who find themselves gravitating towards the first group, remember that while acknowledging the difficulties is essential, dwelling on them isn’t productive. Shift your focus towards the gratitude for the incredible relationship you have. Embrace the fact that, even though you’re physically apart, you’re emotionally close. You share dreams, support, and love, and that’s something truly special. You are progressing, one day closer to your shared future.

I speak from personal experience when I say that my husband and I navigated this path together. We learned to hold each other accountable for shifting our focus from the frustration of checking USCIS wait times every day to enjoying virtual dates, planning our future, and reveling in the present. It made a world of difference in our emotional well-being and our relationship’s strength.

So, as you embark on your immigration journey, remember that you have the power to choose where your focus lies. Embrace the positivity, nurture your love, and focus on the future you’re building together. It’s a game changer that will not only impact your journey but strengthen the bond you share as a couple. Your love is worth it, and your future is bright.