The Immigration Process – Good for Your Relationship

Did you know that the immigration process can actually be good for your relationship?

I want to acknowledge the fact that hearing that the immigration process can be good for your relationship might be a bit triggering. The process itself is overwhelming and stressful and oftentimes long. I completely respect that might be triggering to hear but here at our firm, we always like to look at this duality. Things can be two things at once and with the immigration process, it can be something that’s very frustrating, overwhelming, and stressful but can also on the other side of the duality, it can be something good.

Let’s talk about three reasons that we have seen the immigration process can be beneficial for your relationship.

The first thing is that the immigration process, by its very nature, is very invasive and immigration is wanting to know a lot of information from you. Actually going through this process helps couples to really confront or have conversations about really important topics.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t have these conversations, but it can accelerate those conversations and maybe help you to have deeper conversations about things like finances, religion, starting a family, and things of that nature. We’ve seen that couples have to have these really powerful conversations to make sure that they have the evidence and that they are on the same page about these things because immigration will ask.

The second reason that the immigration process can be helpful for your relationship is that it really builds resiliency for you as an individual and for you as a couple. I’m saying this from personal experience, my husband and I went through the immigration process and that’s definitely one thing that we see looking back created a huge resiliency for us and individually in our relationship.

We’ve gone through a process together that’s stressful, that required patience and we’ve come out the other side even better and even stronger.

The last reason is that in life, immigration is not going to be the only time when you’re going to have to provide tons of documents and your address, history, and things like that. It causes you to get all those things together, have them organized, and then you’re ready for future things that might happen in your life like buying a home or applying to grad school and you will need all of these documents again.

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