Starting Your Immigration Journey

Have you found the love of your life and you’re so excited to start your future and your life together in the United States? Have you found yourself lost at the beginning of your immigration journey and the alphabet soup that is immigration? From K1 fiancé visas and IR1 and CR1 spouse visas, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of your journey.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the main options that are available.

1. Adjustment of Status

This is for individuals who are married to a United States citizen and who are currently living in the United States. It is the option that everyone wants but not everyone is eligible for. So, it is important to make sure you are eligible before starting that path.

2. Consular Processing or Spouse Visa

This is the option available to individuals who are married to United States citizens or lawful permanent residents and who are living abroad. They call it consular processing because you will complete the process abroad at a US embassy or consulate.

3. Fiancé Visa

Just as it sounds, it’s for individuals who are engaged to a United States citizen and have the intent to come to the United States to get married and to start their lives together.

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4. Direct File

This is an option that’s available in very limited circumstances for United States citizens who are living abroad. It’s an option available to spouses of United States citizens where the United States citizen’s spouse is living abroad and looking to relocate to the United States with their spouse.

Those are the main four options that are available to individuals who are engaged or married to a United States citizen. We have a webinar called fiancé and marriage-based green cards. The webinar goes into a lot more detail about these four options so you can have even more clarity in where to begin on your immigration journey.

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