I-864P Affidavit of Support – Do I Make Enough?

Are you wondering if you make enough to be the sole sponsor on the affidavit of support I-864 form?

If you’re at the phase in your immigration case where you’re having to complete an affidavit of support, you might find yourself a little bit overwhelmed. It’s one of the more complicated parts, if not the most complicated part, of an immigration process.

We’ve had a lot of people ask if we can make a course on the affidavit of support but we cannot begin to cover all of the nuances that exist. If you check out USCIS forms, you’ll see the instructions for that form alone are 17 pages. But with that being said, we can give you an important tip to give you some clarity about where you can begin to understand if you make enough.

Form I-864P

Form I-864 is the poverty guidelines. That’s the form that USCIS publishes to show you how much you need to make for your household size.

See: I-864P, 2021 HHS Poverty Guidelines for Affidavit of Support

It’s confusing, like so many things on immigration. The current annual income is your total income line from your prior year’s taxes and you’ll take that along with your household size.

You can look at form I-864P to see if you make enough. That’s a very general overview but that’ll give you a start to have clarity on whether or not you make enough.

If you have additional questions or you still need clarity, you can check out our free resource center and you’re welcome to schedule a consultation with our attorneys and we’d be happy to guide you through your immigration process.

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