Case Status – Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview

If you’ve recently checked your USCIS case status online and it shows “my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview”, your next question is likely “When will I receive my interview?”.

For those of you who are filing an adjustment of status case, that is a case that is completed inside of the United States. USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, is the department of immigration that will review your application.

You can check online to get a general idea of where your case is at. They’ll have notifications that your application is received. That they have sent you a notice or that you’re in line for an interview. When you receive that notification or when you check online and see that your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview, a lot of couples ask when can they expect to receive an interview.

It depends on where your case is being processed. You can check online and use the USCIS case processing times tool to get an idea, a general estimate of how long cases take. The averages vary about how long it will take to receive an interview after that notification.

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We’ve seen clients that will receive their interview notice a few weeks later or a few months later.

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