How to Check Case Processing Times? – Adjustment of Status

A lot of individuals are asking, “How long is it going to take for me to receive my green card? When am I going to receive my interview for adjustment of status?” When they go online to check processing times, they don’t see what option to select.

This is one of the unique forms to check with immigration. If you have an adjustment of status application pending with immigration and you want to check the status of your case, you’ll notice you’ll have an I-485 receipt notice and an I-130 receipt notice.

That’s where a lot of people get confused as they say, “My receipt notice says the National Benefits Center but I’m not seeing how I can check that office.”

How you check how long it’s taking for green card applications to be scheduled for an interview and to have a decision made is actually by picking the field office where you are living.

Check interview processing or case processing times for the green card application through the USCIS Case Processing Times site. Select Form I-485. That’s the one that will give you an estimate on how long it’s taking for interviews to be scheduled.

There isn’t going to be a National Benefits Center. You’re actually going to select the location of the field office that’s closest to your home. For example, if you happen to be living in Boston, then that is where you would check when an estimate is for your green card application.

You can see for family-based adjustment of status applications, they don’t actually separate it out by whether or not it’s a spouse petitioning or a parent. They just group them all together.

It’s a big range but at least you can see an estimate of when your case might be scheduled for an interview if that happens to be your field office.