Adjustment of Status – Work Permit Timing

“I filed my adjustment of status or recently entered on my fiancé visa and I’m getting ready to file my adjustment of status. When can I start working?”

Part of that adjustment of status application is a work permit and you would receive that work permit to be able to work. In some states, it’s required to be able to receive your driver’s license and be fully integrated into society.

That idea of that work permit application is supposed to bridge that gap and give you this opportunity to work and engage in normal day-to-day life while you’re waiting for your green card. Unfortunately, it comes down to processing times being very long. We’re seeing anywhere from six to ten months for work permits.

We see all kinds of different wait times for the work permits but we actually have a lot of clients who are receiving their green cards faster than they even receive the work permit. For work permit timing, it really does vary. In some cases, you might already be here in the United States on some type of work visa and you’d be able to continue working that way.

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