Why K1 Fiancé Visa Application is Taking So Long

The fiancé visa time frames have been super rough. Six or seven years ago, fiancé visas took two and a half months or three months to get a fiancé into the US. Those days are gone. It used to be a lot faster.

We are seeing pretty long wait times right now. Even before the pandemic, we were seeing wait times taking eight or nine months in a lot of cases depending on the country. But that was pretty much as fast as we were ever getting people in before the pandemic.

The final step in in the process involves an interview at the embassy. Embassies have been closed for about six months and they’ve started to reopen. Some of them aren’t fully reopened for all case types. There’s still some embassies that are not doing fiancé visa interviews even though they theoretically should be.

We’re hearing reports that people are still being told that in some locations, they’re going to have to get through the backlog of other interviews that they have and all of their expedited cases of people who are about to age out and things like that before they get to you.

It’s just taking a long time because government is not very efficient right now and it’s sort of unfortunately intentional on some levels plus the pandemic made it more chaotic. If you’re in line, have patience and also check up on your case. There’s really not a lot that we can do to extend or to make it go faster. Unfortunately, dysfunction is the norm in our immigration system.

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