Understanding USCIS Service Center Assignments: Can You Choose Yours?

For couples embarking on the U.S. immigration process, understanding how USCIS Service Centers are assigned to their case is important. It’s a common misconception that applicants can choose their service center based on faster processing times. Contrary to what many hope, couples cannot choose which USCIS Service Center will handle their case. This decision is made solely by USCIS, based on factors like case load and processing capacities at each center.



Why Service Center Choice Matters to Couples

Many couples inquire about selecting service centers in hopes of expediting their case. For instance, certain centers like the California Service Center may have longer wait times compared to others like Nebraska. This disparity in processing times leads to the common question of whether one can influence the service center assignment.

From Lockbox to Service Center

All applications initially go to a USCIS lockbox. From there, they are distributed to various service centers. While you can’t choose the service center, USCIS strives to assign your case to a center that can process it most efficiently.

Handling of Transfer Notices

It’s not uncommon for cases to be transferred between service centers. This is often done to balance workloads and expedite processing. Receiving a transfer notice is typically a good sign, indicating USCIS’s effort to get your case reviewed more swiftly.

Trusting the Process

Although the inability to choose a service center might be disappointing, it’s reassuring to know that USCIS is constantly working to process cases as quickly as possible. Your journey through immigration is unique and understanding these operational aspects can help ease concerns about case processing times. If you’re feeling uncertain or need more information about your USCIS service center assignment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support you through every step of your immigration journey.