USCIS I130 and I129F: How Much Relationship Evidence Do You Need?

If you are already in an immigration process or if you’re looking to start an immigration process, one of the big things that you have to do with your immigration case is show immigration that you have something called a bona fide relationship or a bona fide marriage. That is just a legal jargon to show immigration that you have a relationship that is based on love and not just for the purpose of receiving an immigration benefit. A good faith relationship or if you’re married, a good faith marriage.

If you’re already married and going through a marriage-based process, you’d have to have your marriage license but you also have to have additional evidence to show your relationship. If you’re going through a fiancé visa process, you’ll be showing immigration also that you have a real relationship.

How much evidence do I need to submit?

There’s a lot of of rumors or a lot of myths that it’s best to submit as much of relationship evidence as possible. While there isn’t an exact amount of relationship evidence that you need to provide, there is such a thing as an over submission and an under submission.

Immigration has certain red flags that they look for in an over submission and under submission. An under submission would be only submitting a few photos and maybe a statement or two from friends or family. That would not be enough evidence to prove your relationship and you’re going to receive a request for evidence and delays in your case.

Over submission is when you submit so much evidence of photos, statements, almost reaching a hundred in amount. It seems logical that if you submit a ton of evidence that your application would be approved but that’s not necessarily the case. Immigration sees it as a red flag if you submit tons of evidence because it looks like you’re trying to compensate for something.

There’s a sweet spot in completing an immigration case. In the middle between an over submission and under submission where you have enough evidence to prove your relationship without overdoing it or underdoing it. There’s no set amount of evidence that you need to submit. Our firm helps clients to really navigate what is that sweet spot.

Every relationship is different and unique and that’s why we love working with couples. We love learning how you met in your journey of love and in your plans for the future. Because every relationship is different, every immigration case will be different in terms of what evidence needs to be submitted. It depends on whether or not you’re living together in the same country, if you travel to see each other frequently, if you have bills that you share, if you have children together.

We offer traditional full representation services for individuals who would prefer to turn over all of their relationship evidence and questionnaires and have us be in the driver’s seat in terms of preparing your application.

Our website has free educational tools, specifically about relationship evidence that gives you even more details about what relationship evidence is the most helpful and helping you to navigate exactly how much evidence you need to show your relationship to immigration.

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