Truth About Green Card Processing Times

Most people are shocked to find out that it can take more than a year, oftentimes, many years to receive a green card by marriage to a United States citizen. If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie that has any kind of reference to immigration, it makes it seem like you just marry someone from the United States and you can quickly receive your green card. However, that’s not the truth.

There is a special option that our firm used many times to help hundreds of couples to actually shorten the amount of time that it takes and receive a green card in less than six months. It is called direct consular filing. It is a very unique option for couples who happen to be both living abroad. The United States citizen is living abroad with their spouse in another country.

There are only certain exceptions in which that couple can file for direct consular filing. Some of those exceptions are military emergencies, medical emergencies, adoption of a child, and the one used most frequently is a job position in the United States with short-term notice.

Basically, it means that the United States petitioner or spouse is living abroad and has a reason that they need to relocate quickly back to the United States for a new position. Direct consular filing is a great option and if you have not filed your case yet, and you think that you might be eligible for these direct file options, you should definitely contact our firm and we can talk to you whether or not this is an option for you to be able to get your green card and wait less than the long times of many many years.

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