Top 3 Reasons Couples Get Denied at Their Interview

Fiance and marriage-based visa applications have a reasonably high approval rate, but not all cases sail smoothly through the system. In fiscal year 2022, immigration statistics showed that approximately 15% of these cases were not approved. It’s crucial for couples to understand that it’s their responsibility to prove their relationship’s authenticity and eligibility for the immigration benefit. Let’s explore the three primary reasons for the denial of spouse and fiance visas at the consular interview stage.

1. Failure to Provide Required Documents

The first and most common reason for visa denials at the consular interview is the failure to provide the necessary documents. The list of required documents can be extensive, varying depending on your case type and specifics. If you arrive at the interview without the essential documentation, your case may be denied. However, the good news is that this denial is not the end of the road. You can rectify this situation by later submitting the required documents. While this may cause a delay, it’s a solvable issue.

2. Insufficient Proof of Relationship

Proving the authenticity of your relationship is a critical aspect of both fiance and spouse visa applications. This process doesn’t end with the initial submission of your application; you must continue to demonstrate your relationship’s validity at each subsequent step. Consular officers have a level of discretion in assessing whether you’ve provided enough evidence of your relationship. Not having sufficient relationship evidence or having contradictory information in your record at the interview can lead to a denial. Unlike the first reason, this denial is a bit trickier to resolve, as it requires strengthening your case with additional proof.

3. Ineligibility Issues

The third and most serious reason for a visa denial is ineligibility. Certain eligibility issues may render you ineligible for the visa, and in some cases, there’s no remedy to fix it. For example, a couple might unknowingly marry without finalizing the divorce from a prior marriage, making them ineligible. There’s a lengthy list of immigration law issues that can lead to ineligibility, and some may have a waiver option while others do not. If immigration determines that you’re ineligible, you may need to explore waiver possibilities or consider alternative immigration paths.

Navigating the immigration process can be complex, and visa denials are not uncommon. By understanding these top reasons for spouse and fiance visa denials, you can better prepare yourself for the consular interview and increase your chances of a successful outcome. Good luck on your immigration journey!