Step 4 of the Fiancé Visa Application: Entering the US

After your successful consular interview, where your fiancé visa is stamped into your passport, the next phase begins with your arrival in the U.S. This step is crucial as it sets the clock ticking on a 90-day period within which you and your fiancé must legally marry. It’s essential to monitor the expiration date on your visa closely, as it dictates your timeline for entering the U.S.


The 90-Day Marriage Requirement

Upon landing in the States, the 90-day countdown starts immediately. This period is not just about planning and executing your wedding but also about preparing for the next big step—applying for an adjustment of status. The transition from fiancé visa holder to a permanent resident hinges on not just marrying within this window but also laying the groundwork for your life together.

Filing for Adjustment of Status

Once married, you’ll need to file for adjustment of status to change your visa from a fiancé to a permanent resident (green card holder). This application is critical and requires you to demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage once again to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This phase should reflect the continuation of your relationship narrative, showcasing joint financial accounts, leases, or any communal assets that highlight your integrated lives.

Financial and Relationship Evidence

Similar to your consular interview, the adjustment application demands comprehensive proof of your financial entanglement and relationship. You’ll need to include your spouse’s financial details, such as tax returns, which affirm their ability to support you. This stage also allows you to apply for a work permit and travel authorization, which are crucial for legally working in the U.S. and traveling while your green card application is pending.

Understanding Work and Travel Permissions

While the fiancé visa permits a single entry into the U.S., it restricts your ability to work or leave the country until your status adjustment is finalized. Applying for a work permit enables you to seek employment legally during this waiting period. Similarly, if you anticipate the need to travel internationally, securing a travel authorization is essential to avoid jeopardizing your immigration status.

Preparing for Your Final Steps

As you navigate Step Four, remember that this phase is about solidifying the foundation of your married life in the U.S. and ensuring all legal prerequisites are meticulously addressed. For couples seeking further assistance or facing unique challenges, reaching out to our team can provide personalized support and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Don’t hesitate to visit our resource center for more detailed guides and expert advice tailored to your unique journey through this process.

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