Spouse Visa Wait Times – Mexico

Wait times for spouse visas in Mexico are very long. The US consulate in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is the one that handles all visas. Fiancé visas are handled in Mexico City but the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez has one of the longest wait times in the world.

Mexico has the highest volume of individuals who are immigrating to the United States. That is why they are so behind.

The wait times will depend on whether or not you have already received a notice that you’re in line for an interview. Be prepared once you get notification you’re in line for an interview for a year and a half wait at least.

Immigration in Mexico is working on ways to handle that caseload in a more efficient way. One of the things they did was to move all of the fiancé visa cases to Mexico City and that has helped to decrease wait times but they are still long.

Our law firm and many other individuals have advocated through congress and immigration. We attend a lot of meetings and we let them know these wait times of Mexico are way too long. What is going to be done about this?

They have said they’re working on hiring more officers. They do take a while to train and they are exploring options for moving other case types.

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