Spouse Visa Denial – Top 3 Reasons

What are some of the reasons that my spouse visa application would be denied?

Recently, there is this rumor that is out there on the internet where a lot of couples say that it’s better to apply for a spouse visa if you’re married to a United States citizen because your case can’t be denied.  But actually, there are a few reasons that a green card application could be denied.

1. Failure to prove that your marriage is real

One of the requirements of immigration is proof that you have a bona fide marriage. That you are married for love and not for an immigration benefit.

2. Failure to provide the right evidence

There are a lot of civil documents, depending on your particular case that you need to submit. Failure to provide certain civil documents, having mistakes on the applications, incorrectly answering questions on the forms or failure to provide the proper forms could be grounds for your case being denied.

3. Eligibility

Not everyone is eligible to receive a green card. Some people based on certain criminal incidences, immigration history, or even a lie on a prior application can cause them to be ineligible. Some grounds of ineligibility have a waiver that would be required to be applied for with the application and there are some reasons that make a person permanently ineligible.