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We can help you through the naturalization process to become a United States citizen. Whether you just need some help with the trickier questions on your Form N-400 or would like an attorney to have your back at the in-person interview, we have an option for you!

Benefits of Naturalization

Once you've lived in the United States for a while with your family, it becomes your home. As a green card holder, you have the ability to live and work here indefinitely, which can give you a false sense of security. However, the rules for permanent residents can change with politics, or your personal circumstances could change and put your status at risk.

Becoming a U.S. citizen through the N-400 Naturalization process is the only way to ensure that you can stay here forever with no risk of deportation. Plus, there are many other new rights and privileges you receive as a U.S. citizen, including the right to vote, hold government jobs, travel freely with a U.S. passport, and more.


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Do You Qualify?

American Citizenship is very valuable, so the United States Government has strict requirements you'll need to meet to qualify to become a naturalized citizen. In fact, the basic application form, Form N-400, has so many questions that it's 20 pages long! We won't get you lost in the minor details, though. Here are the most important basic requirements:


  • Green Card Holder for 3+ Years

    You aren't able to naturalize until you have been a green card holder in good standing for the minimum required time period. If you're married to a U.S. citizen, you may be able to apply just two years and nine months after you receive your first green card! Most other immigrants can apply after four years and nine months. Members of the military also have special rules in some cases.

  • Physical Presence

    You have to have been in the U.S. for more than half of the time during your 3 or 5 year period. USCIS will calculate the number of days you've spent abroad that are listed on your application to find out if you qualify.

  • Continuous Residence

    Not only do you have to be physically present more than half of the time; you also can't have left for long periods of time or done anything else that makes it look like your real home is in a foreign country. Trips abroad less than six months are usually not a problem.

  • Good Moral Character

    The government will check things like your criminal history and whether you owe unpaid taxes or child support to decide whether you have "good moral character." Some very serious incidents can disqualify a person for a lifetime, but for most problems USCIS will only be looking at your behavior over the last 3-5 years.

  • Know English & U.S. History

    You will need to speak, read, and write basic English and take a test on American history and government. Don't worry, the questions and answers are published publicly so you can study! There are some exceptions for older individuals or those with medical conditions.

  • Adult 18+ Years Old

    The naturalization process is only available to adults who are at least 18 years old. Children of immigrants who naturalize sometimes automatically become citizens themselves and then can apply for a Certificate of Citizenship without taking a test.

If you meet these requirements, then we recommend you don't delay. Start your naturalization process ASAP! There are different options for working with our team, and we'd love to help you. You might also want to check out our naturalization FAQs at the bottom of this page!

Work with Our Team

Whether you prefer to do your application yourself or have us take care of everything, we have an option to suit you. Our professional legal team is headed by nationally recognized immigration lawyers who take your case and your privacy seriously. No matter which option you choose, we always recommend you start by scheduling an initial consultation to make sure you're eligible and on the right track.

DIY Support Package

$750 Flat Legal Fee (+ $725 Filing Fees)
  • Comprehensive DIY instructional video course
  • Application prep kit mailed to your home
  • Attorney review of your application
  • 30-min attorney videochat or phone call
  • Test and interview prep materials
  • Payment plans available
  • Add-on options for more support at any time
  • Attorney can attend interview for additional fee
  • Your info is protected by attorney-client privilege
  • We represent clients nationwide

Full Service

Hourly Fees Quote provided at consult
  • Traditional legal representation
  • We prepare your application for you
  • Attorney enters appearance with USCIS
  • Unlimited access to your attorney and support team
  • Interview preparation and test materials provided
  • We monitor your case and receive duplicate USCIS notices
  • Attorney speaks with USCIS on your behalf to resolve issues
  • Attorney attends interview with you
  • Your info is protected by attorney-client privilege
  • We represent clients nationwide

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Naturalization FAQs

How long does naturalization take?

Naturalization cases take different amounts of time depending on which USCIS Field Office will be handling your case. Case processing times also vary at different times due to workloads. The fastest offices complete naturalization cases in about 4-6 months. You can check your local office's current processing time on www.uscis.gov to get an estimate.

Can I hold dual Citizenship?

The United States government does not force you to renounce your current citizenship during the naturalization process. However, your country of origin might. Most countries in Europe and Latin America allow their citizens to hold a U.S. passport. Other countries including China and India no longer consider you to be a citizen once you naturalize in the U.S. Remember that even if you are a dual citizen, you should always travel through U.S. Customs using your American passport.

How soon after naturalization can I petition for family members?

You can petition for family members immediately after your oath ceremony when you receive your Certificate of Naturalization and officially become a U.S. citizen. Sometimes our clients prepare their applications ahead of time so they are ready to file that same day! Keep in mind that it might make sense to file for some family members while you are still a resident and then switch categories. Our attorneys can create a strategy for you during a consultation.

Does my english have to be perfect to pass?

No, definitely not! Many immigrants are able to pass the naturalization interview and test with only intermediate English. Your spelling and grammar do not have to be perfect. If you're worried about your English skills, you might want to look for a naturalization prep class near you.

What is the history and civics test like?

There are 100 questions about the United States that are published in a booklet along with the correct answers. You should try to memorize these questions. At your interview, a USCIS officer will verbally ask you 10 randomly-selected questions. You only have to get six correct to pass.

What happens if i fail the test?

Most USCIS offices will give you a second chance to pass the test. They will reschedule you for a second interview appointment to come back and try again. You will only have to re-do the parts of the test that you missed, not the whole thing again. If you don't pass the second time, then they will deny your case. You would still be allowed to re-apply (and pay your government fees again) if you want to.


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