Scheduled for a Second Immigration Interview?

Part of the immigration case for couples is proving to immigration that you have a real relationship that’s based on love and not just to receive an immigration benefit. For most couples, the process is submitting relationship evidence and an interview with an immigration officer who asks the couple questions about their relationship.

Typically, it’s just one interview. But if an immigration officer decides to schedule a couple for a second interview, that is not a good thing. That means that the immigration officer suspects that there is a marriage fraud.

If you have ever seen The Proposal, the movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. There is one part of that movie when the immigration officer lets Ryan Reynolds, who is the United States citizen spouse, know about something called a marriage fraud.

He lets him know that penalties for marriage fraud are jail time up to five years and a $250,000 fine. That’s accurate and exists in the law. If you’re scheduled for a second immigration interview, it’s because the immigration officer suspects marriage fraud.

It will be a tough interview. They will separate the couple and they will let the United States citizen spouse know about penalties for marriage fraud, give them an opportunity to withdraw the case, and ask a lot of difficult questions about the relationship.

If you have been scheduled for a second interview and you do not have an immigration attorney already, you should get one so you can fully be prepared for that interview because the stakes are high and there’s a higher likelihood of denial at that second interview.

If you’re needing assistance with your case for representation for that second interview or if you’re just wanting to make sure you present a strong case and avoid having a second immigration interview, you can schedule an appointment with our immigration attorneys.

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