Work Permit (EAD) Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Employment Authorization Documents (EADs)

Receiving work authorization in the U.S. is an understandably important concern for many couples. Here are attorney answers to general FAQs about employment authorization in marriage-based immigration cases. 

U.S. Immigration Laws have complex rules about all of the categories of immigrants who can apply for work authorization. USCIS has a list of all the possible work categories, and it is 31 pages long! At our firm, we work with couples and families. Usually our clients qualify for work authorization while their case is pending only if they are applying for an adjustment of status (including those who are adjusting status after marrying on a K-1 visa). Spouse visa applicants, even if they live in the United States, usually cannot get work authorization and must wait for their green card case to be completed. If your circumstances give you an opportunity for a work permit (like if you also have a pending asylum claim or are DACA eligible), our attorneys will help you get work authorization.

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