Online Status – Ready for Interview! When is My Interview?

Does your online case status say ready for an interview and are you wondering when are you finally going to be scheduled for your interview?

The online USCIS tool to check your case status can be great. For couples going through the immigration process, you’re probably checking it a lot because it’s really the only place where you can get any information about your case. Unfortunately, the online case status can be a little vague when the case status transitions from actively reviewed to ready to be scheduled for an interview.

Just as it sounds, it means that your case is in line and it’s ready to go in front of an immigration officer; that really important part of the immigration process where you and your spouse have to go to an immigration office and be interviewed about your relationship. There still can be a lot of steps involved when scheduled for an interview.

Your immigration file is actually moved from a central location to the immigration office in the state where you’re living. A lot will depend on that specific immigration office and the wait time there. Some immigration offices have a high volume of cases that they have to interview and review and so, there can be a longer wait time.

You can actually use the other tool on the immigration website to check processing times. You would want to do that for form I-485 and pick the location where your interview would occur based on the state in which you’re living to get a better idea of when that interview would actually be scheduled. It’s great news that it’s ready to be scheduled for an interview but it could still be many months before the interview itself is actually scheduled. It’s not necessarily an indicator of a certain amount of time. It will depend on the office where your interview will happen.

But we’ve actually seen a lot of immigration interviews being waived and that is great news because that means you wouldn’t have to go to that interview at all. You might see that status change from ready for an interview to your green card being issued.

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