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What Problem(s) Do You Solve?

The issue that the couples I work with are confronting is having to navigate the labyrinth of the US immigration system and the emotions that come with it.  Many people are surprised to find out that going through an immigration process as a couple is very complex and can oftentimes take well over a year to complete. A lot of the couples I work with are living in two separate countries and have to maintain a long-distance relationship while also going through the stressful immigration process. When I first meet with couples, they are excited about their relationship and future. They might be engaged and planning their wedding or already married and looking at what is next.

To provide context, the couples I work with are comprised of a United States citizen and a citizen of another country. They often meet while the US citizen is working or studying abroad. As their relationship and love progress and they are ready to take the next step in their relationship and life, they find that the US immigration process is “standing in the way” of their future. They are looking for a path to be able live together in the United States as a couple. Lawful permanent resident status in the US is what is required for the couple to permanently reside together in the United States.

Couples often express feelings of happiness for the relationship and future while simultaneously expressing feelings of fear, doubt, and overwhelm regarding the immigration process. The long wait times and complexities of the US immigration system are unnerving.

The solution that my firm provides is twofold; we offer a legal and mindset solution for the couples we represent. We do a deep dive into the couple’s situation, background, and goals to determine the most viable legal solution. There are a few different paths a couple can take together to secure lawful permanent resident status in the United States. We create a customized plan of action for the legal case.

We also work with couples to ensure that they go into the process understanding the difficulties that they will encounter, and we help them to be intentional with deciding how they want to show up and experience their journey. We regularly communicate with our clients to ensure that they have the education and support they need to have an uplifting experience. We work with our clients to help them see the immigration process as an opportunity to grow and strengthen their relationship.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Immigration for Couples is a modern law firm dedicated to representing couples worldwide in their U.S. immigration matters, including K1 fiancé(e) visas, marriage-based green cards, and citizenship. Immigration for Couples is on a mission to revolutionize immigration legal services. The immigration process is long, complex, and so much more than paperwork. The team at Immigration for Couples provides holistic services to help couples navigate, not only the labyrinth of US immigration, but also the emotions that arise throughout the process. This is our special sauce, the combination of providing legal services with a true focus on the couple, serving as their advocate and guide simultaneously.

Advice for Couples:

The number one piece of advice that I give to couples just embarking on their immigration journey is to be intentional in choosing how they want to experience and show up throughout the process. While the process is long and stressful, you can choose to be mindful of your emotions, focus on your relationship instead of the stress, and know that the adversity of the journey will help strengthen your relationship and help you grow together.


Megan Pastrana is the CEO and Managing Attorney of Immigration for Couples. She and her team are dedicated to holistically assisting couples to navigate the US immigration process to start the next chapter of their lives together. Megan serves her clients not only as an immigration attorney, but also as a mindset coach and guide throughout the immigration process. Having gone through her own journey of love and immigration with her husband, she understands firsthand the emotions and difficulties that couples experience.

Megan strives to empower couples to view the immigration process as an uplifting experience and an opportunity to grow and strengthen their relationship. The immigration process is long and has many twists and turns. Throughout the case, she helps couples to focus on their relationship and the aspects of the case that they can control, instead of allowing the stress and frustration to consume them. Megan is also the host of the podcast Navigating Love & Immigration. Additionally, she has provided her immigration policy expertise to members of Congress, reality TV show producers, and several major media outlets including Telemundo and ABC. She has been recognized as one of the top immigration attorneys in the nation by Super Lawyers.

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