K1 Visa Wait Times – 2022

How long does the fiancé visa process take in 2022?

The fiancé visa process involves three applications and two interviews. In each one of those steps, we’re dealing with a different immigration office and each immigration office has its own estimated wait times.

This general estimate is a compilation of the estimated wait times for each step in each office. It’s just an estimate based on information provided by immigration and also all of the couples that we serve here at Immigration for Couples.

In 2022, the best general estimate we can provide is an 18-month wait to receive the actual visa. There are other steps in the process that get you to the end to the finish line of the green card but what matters most is when you will get the visa to be able to enter the United States for you to finally be together.

That general estimate is 18 months and this will vary based on your country of origin where you will have your immigration interview. For example, in Manila, Philippines the wait time is more like two years. There are other countries where it might be less than 18 months. But in general, the estimated wait time to receive the actual visa to be able to enter the United States is 18 months.

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