K1 Visa: US Driver’s License

A lot of people are asking about this recently. There are a lot of people on our Facebook group that are receiving their K1 visas when entering the United States.  For the US Driver’s license, people are asking, “When can I get it? Can I just go with my K1 Visa? What do I need to be able to get my US Driver’s License?”

One of the unfortunate things about the K1 Visa is that historically, it had faster processing times compare to the present. Another negative aspect of the K1 Visa is that when you enter the United States on your K1 Visa, you have a period of limbo. You have to marry in 90 days and then, you have to file for your green card application and work permit.

Usually during that time, you’re waiting in limbo for your work permit and your social security card. That’s what usually opens the door for you to be able to start to integrate into society. You can get a driver’s license and the ability to work.

In general, you have to wait for that work permit and social security card to be able to obtain your driver’s license. There are some narrow exceptions and it really depends state by state. Just check out the rules in the state where
you’re living and the driver’s license requirements there to see if you’re able to do that with just the visa.

You’ll be in limbo for a few months waiting for your work permit and social security card to be able to get your driver’s license.

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