There are three main categories of K1 visa required evidence. There can be other types of evidence and other documents that you might need depending on the specifics of your case but in general, there are three categories of evidence that are required for your fiancé visa petition to show that you’re eligible.

1. You are legally free to marry

One of the requirements of the fiancé visa is that you have to show that you are legally free to marry and prepared to marry within 90 days of entry to the United States on a K1 visa. Examples of evidence include a divorce decree if you had previously been married or a death certificate. These documents show that there was a prior marriage that has legally come to an end.

The other thing that you have to include that immigration requires is a statement of intent and that’s typically a short statement letting immigration know, “I’m legally free to marry and I planned on getting married to my fiancé within 90 days.”

2. You have met in person

The second requirement of the fiancé visa is that you had to have met in person within the two years prior to filing the application. On the date that you are filing your application, you have had to have met in person within the past two years.

Common types of evidence that you would include for this can be plane tickets, hotel reservations, stamps in a passport. You can be very creative and sometimes photos would have time stamps and things like that. What’s important is that it shows that you were physically in the same country together.

3. You have a bona fide relationship

The third category of evidence is your bona fide relationship evidence which is evidence that shows you are in love and that your intention is to have a life together and not just to receive an immigration benefit.

This is our favorite category here at Immigration for Couples favorite because we enjoy looking at the photos of all of your trips, reading the heartfelt letters from friends and family, seeing the things that you have done together, and learning more about your relationship.

Again, please know every case is different of every situation. Every couple is different and there can be other documents that are needed for your case depending on your particular situation. If you’d like to learn more about the fiancé visa process, check out our free resource center.

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