K1 Visa – Joint Financial Evidence

If my fiancé comes to visit soon and I have her added to my current apartment lease and utilities bill before her visit ends after three weeks. If I do that, will that draw unwanted scrutiny or would that work as two solid pieces of proof?

We have a free resource in our resource center that goes over relationship information and tips. With fiancé visas and spouse visas, it’s important to understand that you’re living apart and immigration knows that. Relationship evidence for a fiancé visa, a spouse visa, and an adjustment of status case would all be different.

Every relationship is different. Every couple has a unique story and the idea is that you want to tell your story of love to immigration. There isn’t a cookie-cutter set of evidence that every couple should use.

For a fiancé visa, immigration knows you’re living apart. You’re not living together. You don’t want to have a joint lease here in the United States because your fiancé doesn’t have a lawful status yet to be living here in the United States. She or he would not have the ability to have a lease.

The second thing is that since immigration knows you’re not living together, it’s not necessarily required. There are other types of relationship evidence for a fiancé visa that you would want to focus more heavily on.

Having your fiancé added to your apartment lease and utility bills is not going to be required or helpful and could actually cause problems.